MedScript Express

Brand Name Prescriptions at Little to No Cost to You!

Patient Assistance

The Crisis

Multiple prescription medications can cost hundreds of dollars per month, forcing the average person to choose between groceries or medication. 

For example, a 90 day supply of:

Levemir (6 vials, 90-day supply) = $886.94
Celebrex (200mg, 90-day supply) = $518.28
 Total = $1,405.22

The Solution 

MedScript Express works directly with each 
pharmaceutical company’s assistance program to obtain prescription medications.

If qualified, each person will typically receive prescription medications in 90-day supplies.

Participants can add new medications at any time by calling our office.


There is no age limit.

This is not a discount card or an insurance product.

We work directly with the patient, their doctor and the pharmaceutical company to assist the patient in receiving ongoing medication.

MedScript Express patient advocates manage the process of refilling your prescriptions to maintain continual prescription medication coverage.